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The music is what matters most...

Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and
Travis Barker

San Diego, California

How they got their start
Released a little record called
Dude Ranch, got lots of MTV
play, lots of radio spins and sold a
whole bunch of records. When
they released Enema of the State,
and got naked, they sold even
more records.

Did you know?
Lead singer Mark Hoppus is a sort
of closet Backstreet Boys fan ...
Mark once told Rolling Stone: "To
be honest, I kind of like that
Backstreet Boys Millennium song.
I mean you hear it and go 'Man
this is terrible,' but then for the
rest of the day, you're like 'Tell me
whyyy ...'" Exactly.

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
June 26, 2001
The Mark, Tom & Travis Show
(live) 2000
Enema of the State 1999
Dude Ranch 1997
Chesire Cat 1995
Buddha 1994

Sum 41

Ajax, Canada

How they got their start
The guys in Sum 41 were all in
different bands in school. When
they finally got together,they
instantly became local faves in
their town outside of Toronto.

Half Hour of Power ep, 2000
All Killer No Filler2001

Did you know?
The guys in Sum 41 tell us that
Blink-182's Travis Barker checks
out all of their So Cal shows.
Guess that's why the guys
scored dates on Blink's spring

Papa Roach (Coby Dick,
Jerry Horton, Dave Buckner,
Tobin Esperance)

Vacaville, Calif.

How they got their start
The guys formed their band
in high school -- they played
gigs regularly and produced
their own albums and EPs.
They were soon signed to
Dreamworks Records, which
put out their hit CD Infest.

Infest -- 2000
Let 'Em Know -- 1999
5 Track Deep -- 1998
Old Friends From Young
Years -- 1997
CaCa Bonita -- 1995
Potatoes for Christmas --

Did you know?
The video for "Last Resort"
included 500 of their closest
friends and biggest fans
from Sacramento.

Favorite Song

O god favorite song??I don't really have a fav!!
Lets see.......ahha i think it would have to be
"smooth criminal"by alien ant farm!!

Good Charlotte (Billy, Joel, Benji
and Paul)

Naptown/Waldorf, Md.

How they got their start
The guys played all around
Annapolis, Md., gathering a huge
following. Eventually, they began
playing with such well-known
bands as Blink-182 and Bad
Religion. They gained such a
strong reputation that they were
invited to play at the HFStival,
sponsored by a Washington,
D.C., radio station, alongside such
other up-and-comers as Eve 6
and Nine Days.

Good Charlotte -- 2000

Did you know?
Benji and Joel are twin brothers.

Limp Bizkit

How they got their start
Limp Bizkit formed six years
ago in Jacksonville,FL. Otto,
Wes Borland, bassist Sam
Rivers and House of Pain DJ
Lethal were brought together
by frontman Fred Durst, a
former tattoo artist. They broke
onto the scene in 1997 with
their debut Three Dollar Bill,
Y'all which included a remake
of George Michael's Faith.

Limp Bizkit climbed to the top
of the charts with 1999's
Significant Other, which
debuted at No. 1 on Billboard
Top 200 selling 634,874
copies during its first week of
release. It went on to sell
more than six million copies.

As they set out to start work on
their 3rd album, Chocolate
Starfish and the Hot Dog
Flavored Water, Limp Bizkit
was tapped to record the
theme song for Mission
Impossible 2, scoring a
summer hit with "Take a Look
Around" which is also featured
on the album.

Singer Fred Durst told fans
that their follow up work on the
album Chocolate Starfish and
the Hot Dog Flavored Water
will be, "the heaviest, craziest
[stuff] you've ever heard"
during a chat on the band's
official website. Fred is also
set to make his directorial
debut on the movie "Runts." In
addition, Guitarist Wes
Borland wrapped touring with
his band BIGdumbFACE.

Three Dollar Bill, Y'all - 1997
Significant Other - 1999
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot
Dog Flavored Water - 2000

Favorite CD

Hmmm....My favorite cd would have to be Blink182's
"Enema Of The State".It is a awesome cd.