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Hey Goons,
Welcome to my SuM41 site!!
I have alot of crap on SuM41!
Like Wallpaper,lyrics,News,lotsa pic's
also tour dates!
So if your into Sum41 this is the place
to be.If your not to bad!:o( lol!

Be sure to look around i added
"Hell S0nG"
to the lyrics page, MORE Tour
Dates and Pic's!

You can now have your own email!
To see more about it go to the
*~EMail~* page!!

I just added a KICK @$$ Chat r0om!
Check it out.Its WAY better then
The message board! But
post messages on the stupid board!!

Thanks for taking a look at my CRAPPY site.
Be sure to E-mail me with your thoughts
and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently,
so PLEASE check back often!

also known as

Please sign my guestbook on your way out! TY

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