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James Hetfield in Rehab

Metallica postponed
recording sessions for their
next album after frontman
James Hetfield entered an
undisclosed rehab facility to
treat alcoholism and "other

Blink-182 Splash Jones Beach
Posted 7/23/01

Blink-182 rolled into New York's Jones
Beach on Saturday for the first of a
two-show engagement.

Mark, Tom and Travis proved why the
band has become one of the top
headlining acts of the summer. Their
stage show included towering flames,
explosions and a moving drum riser.

And did we mention the music? The
trio delivered what fans wanted,
starting with "The Rock Show," from
Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.
Other tracks off the new album
included "Please Take Me Home,"
"Stay Together for the Kids" and
"Roller Coaster."

The guys also cranked out past hits
"All the Small Things," "What's My
Age Again?" and "Dammit."

Halfway through the set, there was an
unexpected intermission due to
technical problems. The band invited
comedian Jimmy Fallon onstage to
keep the crowd laughing.

Blink-182 next head north to the
Darien Center in Darien Lake, N.Y., for
a gig on Monday (July 23)


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