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Sum 41

Ajax, Canada

This Canadian Rock quartet broke
through in the US charts in 2001 with
their sophomore release, All Killer No
Filler. Sum 41 was formed in Ajax ,Ontario in 1997
by teenagers Deryck Whibley (Ajax, Ontario, Canada;
vocals/guitar) and Steve Jocz (Hasbro, Canada; drums).
Dave Baksh (Ajax,Ontario, Canada; guitar)
and Jay McCaslin (North York, Ontario, Canada; bass)
were recruited to complete the line-up, with the band taking their unusual moniker from the fact that they were
formed 41 days into the summer.

The quartet created a stir on the local scene with
their playful antics and energetic live
performances, which in turn attracted the attention of
several major labels looking to cash in on the commercial
success of poppy hardcore bands such as Blink-182 and
the Bloodhound Gang. Sum 41 signed to the independent
label Aquarius in Canada, but opted for Island Records
in the USA. Their 2000 debut, Half Hour Of Power,
helped establish their reputation for snappy pop melodies
and puerile lyrics. All Killer No Filler repeated the
formula, albeit with a better production sound, and was
buoyed by the success of single "Fat Lip" on US radio.

Half Hour of Power ep, 2000
All Killer No Filler2001

Did you know?
The guys in Sum 41 tell us that
Blink-182's Travis Barker checks
out all of their So Cal shows.
Guess that's why the guys
scored dates on Blink's spring