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POSTED ON 5/9/03
Hey everyone, sorry i havent updated in computer was down, and i have been busy with sch0ol. But im back, and i updated the tour page, and also, i added HELL SONG to the lyric's page!! Hopefully in the next couple days i'll update alot, like add pictures and stuff! til' then laterz!

POSTED ON 11/21/02
Hey,  Sum41 was on MTV's "Diary"! It was be sure to check your local listings to see when it airs next!

POSTED ON 11/15/02
Hey ppl! w0o, i havent updates in a long azz sorry bout that! well today in news we have.......drum roll!.........YES, SUM41 is now on tour (sum on your face)! You can check out the dates on the tour page! Also there new cd is due to release on Nov. 26, 2002! GO BUY IT!! Have you seen there new video for "still waiting" there first single off their album (does this l0ok infected?)?!? If you havent....make sure you watch out for it on MTV!!

POSTED ON 4/28/02
Hey everybody, Sum41 has a new single out off of the spiderman soundtrack called "What were all about." Be sure to check it out if you havent already. Also did ya'll see "Making the Video" with sum41 on MTV?? It was awesome!! Kerry king from Slayer was rockin the set with his guitar solo! If you havent seen it MTV is sure to play it again so check it out!


POSTED ON 2/18/02
Hey you can now veiw my webcam.Just go to the "about me" page! Ummm...but i dont know why the hell you would wanna see me!lmao

POSTED ON 2/8/02
Hey ya'll, now you can have your own email address!!Be sure to go to the *~EMaiL~* page and sign up!! This is what it would be "" kewl, eh?? I thought so! lol

POSTED ON 1/24/02
Hey now, be sure to keep an eye out for the rerun of MTV's cribs with Stevo!!It was hilarious.I could watch it 100 times!

POSTED ON 1/20/02
Hey ppl,I added a Chat Ro0M! Check it out.....

POSTED ON 1/18/02
Hey ya'll, i dont know if you saw the big MTV New Year's Party or not. I did!! It was Awesome!SuM41 rocked the house, doing there hit song "Fat Lip" and a cover song of the Canadian rock band (Nickelback-This is how you remind me!)I personaly LOVED it! So0o0o I was thinking of puttin the song on the website.What d0 ya'll think?? I dont know if it would just be a waste of my time because i dont think alot of ppl l0ok at my site! So if you are wanting to hear the song E-mail me at and i will put it on the site! :O)

(Whooohooo GO SuM!!)
Artist of the Year:SUM 41
Best Band:Sum 41
Best Album:Sum 41 "All Killer No Filler"
Best Single:Sum 41 "FAT LIP"
Best Video:Sum 41 "In Too Deep"
Best Tour: Sum 41
Best Album Cover: Sum 41 "All Killer No Filler"
Best Hard Rock/Metal Band: Sum 41
Best Rock Artist: Sum 41
Best New Artist: Sum 41
Best Dressed:Sum 41
Sum 41 Year's Biggest Hype: Sum 41 Critic Pic
Top10 Singles: Sum 41 "Fat Lip"
Best Rock Artist: Sum 41
Best Video: Sum 41 "Fat Lip"

Send SuM41 your music (CDs only) to:
Goon Tunes c/o Island Records
825 8th Avenue 29th Floor
New York, NY 10019
(It gets a bit dull driving around in a tour bus all over the country and to keep us going we want to hear what our fan's bands sound like! ~Sum41~)